| Wedding Dresses in Technicolor

Wedding Dresses in Technicolor

Wedding Dresses in Technicolor

Posted by 7gmcm in Our Blog, Wedding 05 May 2016

dress 1I am seeing more and more brides become daring in all aspects of their wedding.  Choosing invitations that are more fun than formal, foods that are more comfort than fancy, décor that is more daring that traditional and finally dresses that are more color than white.

We have long since seen true white replaced by off white, ivory, cream or any other word for the like.  But I am speaking of dresses that are truly more colorful than previous years.

Like with every new venture in weddings, this isn’t for everyone.  But if you fancy yourself an “out of the box” bride, this may be something to try.  It certainly couldn’t hurt to simply try one on!

If you are daring enough to try… Shelley Brown with The Knot suggests these simple rules:

Pick A Shade That’s In Season
Try to pick a color that works for your time of year. Your dress hue will be the centerpiece of all the other colors in your wedding, so it would be easier for you to create a palette that complements your flowers and decor, Cavallo advises. For instance, wear a brighter blush in summer and softer, cooler pink winter.

Play With Texture
Since you’re bridal party with probably also be wearing color, Cavallo recommends you pick dark bridesmaids dresses. No matter the color of your gown, a darker bridal party palette will make your dress pop, Cavallo says. (Think: an ice blue gown and navy bridal party). Also, play with textures! Letting your friends dress in different textures than you (say, sequins or lace) will help to showcase your gown.

Keep It Simple
Wearing color on your big day is already a bold statement and can be perfect without anything else. But, if you want to add accessories, think subtle classics or stick to monochrome, Cavallo advises.

Top It Off
Don’t be afraid to add a colorful veil or headpiece to your look. Adding more of the same color will complement your gown without being too matchy-matchy, Cavallo says. Bonus stylist tip: have your classic white veil ombré dyed to match your gown.

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