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Venues Are Growing Up

Venues Are Growing Up

Posted by 7gmcm in General Event, Our Blog, Wedding 30 Jan 2015

venue 11  It seems like only a few years ago, the preferred venue choice for a wedding was a bigger than life ballroom at an upscale hotel. My challenge was always how to make the ballrooms pretty, because generally speaking, they weren’t. Money had to be spent on lighting, walls of fabric, elaborate centerpieces, etc.

However, it seems recently that brides are breaking out of the ballroom box and gettingvenue 22 more creative. I have many brides ask me for venues that offer inside and outside locations. Or venues that would allow for partially tented areas. I have to say, I am pleased with this turn in preference.

When you can utilize Mother Nature, you can cut a tremendous amount fro your budget. One venue in particular has an entire window wall that overlooks a beautiful grassy knoll. So the dining area is lit with natural light and it’s a gorgeous view.

venue 33 It also seems that brides also want to offer the convenience of ceremony and reception in one location. These venues are perfect for an outdoor ceremony and an inside dinner. And if the weather is poor, you can always move the ceremony inside.

So think outside of the ballroom box when choosing venues. You might be surprised what you find!