| Thinking Outside the Cake Box

Thinking Outside the Cake Box

Thinking Outside the Cake Box

Posted by 7gmcm in General Event, Our Blog, Wedding 12 Feb 2015

dessert 11I worked at prestigious wedding venue for about 5 years, so I have cut my fair share of wedding cakes.  So believe me, when cupcakes became popular, I was very excited.  Brides could save $1.00 per person on the cake cutting fee, and I was saved from creating a mess.  I actually had it down to quite the art form. dessert 22

But like all trends, they come and go.  As I was doing some research for a client, I noticed there were more and more options for couples, which went outside of the wedding cake box.    Some of them were really cool and unique.  So I wanted to share with you some of the photos.

Here is my disclaimer… not all of them are my taste.  But, they might be yours, so I wanted to include them!  If you like, take these ideas to your cake vendor.  They might be able to include these, or do them in place of your traditional wedding cake.  Leave your guests saying “wow, I have never seen that before”!