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| Por Favor; Please Forgo the Wedding Favor

Por Favor; Please Forgo the Wedding Favor

Por Favor; Please Forgo the Wedding Favor

Posted by 7gmcm in Our Blog, Wedding 21 Jan 2014

favor 11I have planned (and attended) enough weddings to be able to say this next line with 100% conviction… wedding favors are a waste of money.  Ok yes, they are a splendid way for a couple to show their appreciation for their guests’ attendance.  However, if I had the money spent on every favor that I saw tossed in the “gar-bosh” then I would be a wealthy woman.   I understand the need to say thank you, so please let me help introduce you to a few ways to do that, without throwing away your hard budgeted money.

(1)    A photobooth… the average cost for this is about $400 and it provides your guests with a unique souvenir that they might actually hold onto!  This would average only $1.60 per person for a 250 person wedding.  WAY cheaper than any favor you can order.

(2)    Donation to a charity… this is especially meaningful if there is an organization close to your heart.  Maybe it’s an animal focused charity, or something that supports cancer research.

(3)    An added dessert… serve something in addition to your wedding cake.  I would recommend an old fashioned popcorn cart, cotton candy machine, build your own sundae bar, nostalgic candy bars, etc.

(4)    A fireworks show… elaborate, I know.  But a standard show costs approx. $3,000 and if you have 250 guests, that’s $12.00 per person.

Any of these options are things your guests would much rather enjoy, than a mint tin with your name on it.  Or a wine stopper with a heart on it.  Get creative, think outside of the box, and imagine what YOU would want if you were a guest at your own wedding.