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It takes a lot of people to make a winning team.  Everybody’s contribution is important.

~Gary David Goldberg~ 


Like many wedding consultants, Heart 2 Heart Occasions has built a list of preferred vendors for our clients.  We take great time and effort to “pair” our vendors and clients when planning weddings.  For example, we believe that not every florist will be the perfect fit for every couple.

Due to the complex nature of the matching process, we don’t pass along our list to clients. We feel it’s our job to make your day perfect, and in that, is matching you with the perfect vendors… for you!

In general I tend to only refer vendors that I have worked with before; either on a wedding or other project.  If I feel that I have a client with needs that do not fit any of my preferred vendors, I will expand my net until we find the perfect fit.

Heart 2 Heart Occasions does not accept any payments from vendors to be referred, although we have been offered.  And we don’t vendor match based on friendships.  We simply find the very best fit or each of our clients.

It is true, each member of your team is important.  And having the best team behind you is essential.

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