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Wedding Dresses in Technicolor

05 May 2016 Posted by 7gmcm in Our Blog, Wedding

I am seeing more and more brides become daring in all aspects of their wedding.  Choosing invitations that are more fun than formal, foods that are more comfort than fancy, décor that is more daring that traditional and finally dresses that are more color than…

Traditions Are Transitioning Out

28 Oct 2015 Posted by 7gmcm in Our Blog, Wedding

I had a bride ask me the other day “Do I have to wear a veil”?  I immediately said “no” with out thinking.  Then I caught myself.  Veils are very much a tradition.  I wore one, most of my clients wear one, I envision my…

Would you like to know a secret?

18 Feb 2015 Posted by 7gmcm in Our Blog, Wedding

Come close… I’ll let you in on a little secret.   Your venue holds treasures of untold wealth.  Imagine your venue contact/coordinator is a hair stylist.  What do you do when you get your hair done…. you spill every last piece of drama and gossip you know! …

Venues Are Growing Up

30 Jan 2015 Posted by 7gmcm in General Event, Our Blog, Wedding

  It seems like only a few years ago, the preferred venue choice for a wedding was a bigger than life ballroom at an upscale hotel. My challenge was always how to make the ballrooms pretty, because generally speaking, they weren’t. Money had to be…