| Bring the Party In, Or Take The Party Out?

Bring the Party In, Or Take The Party Out?

Bring the Party In, Or Take The Party Out?

Posted by 7gmcm in General Event, Our Blog, Wedding 18 Jan 2015

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When hosting a party, before you decide on themes, color schemes and menu, you must decide where you will be having your soiree.  More specifically, should you hold it inside or outside?  I know what you might be thinking… mosquitoes, ants, heat, snow, rain, humidity…. why would anyone want to go through the uncertainties of an outside affair?  Actually, it’s much easier than you think!

With the use of beautiful tents, portable air conditioning and heating units, and wonderful caterers, partying outside can be a breeze (no pun intended)!  In order for your outside party to be a success, there are three critical things to keep in mind during your planning process.

1.Flat Ground: There is nothing worse than uneven tables, as they usually result in sliding food!

2.Solid Ground: One picture comes to mind… women in nice heels attempting to walk in squishy grass.  It should be an Olympic sport!

3.Time of Year: An outside event can work ANY time of year, if you remember certain things for each season.  If it will be snowing, make sure a covered pathway to restrooms and to/from parking is provided.  If it is spring (aka: rain season), make sure to have side flaps on the side of your tent.  This will ensure your guests will not be drenched.   Other than that, the sky is the limit!

One major upside to an outside party: the scenery is so beautiful, be it fall, spring or winter.  Keep in mind that this has the potential to save you big bucks on decorations.  Nature will do all the legwork for you.  And, as always when planning a get together, have fun and be creative.  And if you need help, I am always here!